All orders placed through TrafficsGenie.com are subject to our terms and conditions. By placing an order, you agree to have read and fully agreed with our terms. The terms and conditions are an explicit agreement between you (customer, client) and TrafficsGenie.com. They will be read and in no way shape or form be misconstrued. Once your order is placed it will be handled in an expeditious manner and will normally be processed within 72 hours but depends on the volume of orders ahead of yours. Orders during the work week are normally processed within 24 Hours but weekend orders may reach the 72 Hour mark before your campaign starts.

All Traffic is sent As is. All of our campaigns are considered live the exact moment the first visitor is delivered to your website.

All traffic/visitors will be delivered to the website URL that was submitted with your order. If you made an error while submitting the URL, the Purchaser will not hold TrafficsGenie.com responsible. All traffic delivered to the Clients site and reflects the above error wont be credited or entitled to a refund.

Our guarantee to the Client is that we will deliver the exact number of visitors to the exact URL that you ordered it for within 90 days of the starting date of your campaign. We do not guarantee anything else and are not liable for any losses to include profit loss, adsense accounts or CPA accounts. We are also not to be held liable as we do not guarantee sales or signups. Clients should also be aware that words and terms in our advertising describing successes of some of our clients are provided freely. We do not guarantee successes and monetary gains when you use our services, we can only guarantee your exact amount of ordered visitors according to our stat tracker.

If TrafficsGenie.com is unable to deliver your promised amount of visitors within 90 days of your campaigns start date, you can claim your refund. We will issue a pro-rated refund to compensate for undelivered visitors.

If your site is down for any reason you will not hold TrafficsGenie.com responsible for the outage. Any visitors delivered during the outage will not be refunded under any circumstances. You must submit a support ticked from your login panel and request for your campaign to be paused as soon as possible.

At TrafficsGenie.com we use a state of the art tracker to monitor your ad campaigns. All orders are assigned an individual Ad ID which we use exclusively for tracking visitors for the campaign URL. Our tracking system will be the final undisputed record of delivered traffic and will not be responsible for external tools such as Google Analytics which is not an accurate tool and does not work well with our traffic. Awstats is the preferred tool as it works directly at your server.

We only accept clean sites meaning you cant have Pop-ups, consoles, auto loading dialers. No illegal content such as underage, incest, rape or animal related. Your site cant break frames. No auto bookmarking, no redirects or parent window changing. Definitely no fake codecs or viruses or adware of any kind. If we find any site to be breaking these rules after we have verified your site as clean we will immediately stop your campaign and you will not be entitled to a refund.

Geo Targeted orders will be delivered to the best of our ability and in no way can we guaranteed it will be 100% accurate. You hereby agree to not hold TrafficsGenie.com responsible if you receive visitors other than the targeted order.


All sales are completely final. There are NO REFUNDS for any reason other than if we do not deliver your specified amount of visitors as paid for during your order.

Trafficsgenie.com will provide you a goo.gl shortned link and , we guarantee all visits by goo.gl statistics.

If an order has been canceled in 1 hour from order date/time, Trafficsgenie.com will provide full refund. After 1 hour , refund will be processed with %30 deduction.